Performing on Chenda with one stick and hand is the identification of this form.

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Singari Melam is the perfect sound of music for your recreational celebrations.

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Chenda Melangal: is the most popular and widely acclaimed keshtra vadhyas of Kerala. More than 300 years old melam is an integral part of all festivals in Kerala irrespective of cast or religion. The most important among these melams are "Pandy" (Splendid &Majestic) and "Panchari" (sweet & pleasing) which may extent up to 5 hours. The leading instrument is "Chenda", Kerala's own instrument. The Chenda is divided into "Valamthala Chenda & Edamthala Chenda" (right & left side of the instrument) or "Veekam Chenda" & "Uruttu Chenda". The covering is soft in Edamthala but in layers in Valamthala. Chenda can produce multiple vadhyas the "Devavadya" using "Valamthala" and Asura vadhyas through "Edamthala". With infinite range & magnificent sound "Chenda" is above all 18 instruments.

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